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"To give my clients the kind of service that I would expect from my Real Estate Agent; a high level of professionalism, careful attention to detail, and sensitivity to client needs." 


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Meet Don Perry

Experience is the difference! Don Perry brings more than 40 years of real estate experience and an unprecedented reputation for representing and negotiating for his clients.  He is rated consistently in the top 1% nationwide of all NRT Brand Agents, including Coldwell Banker.  Formerly the Mayor of Monte Sereno, Don provides a wealth of understanding regarding local ordinances, and can navigate the complexities of Building and Planning departments.  When it comes to your most important real estate investments, trust the professional who is exceeding his clients’ expectations every day.

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Don differentiates himself in the marketplace in 4 primary ways primarily because of his experience as the former Mayor of Monte Sereno and as a former builder/developer: (1) Don is very smart about taxes and the numbers around buy/sell agreements which make for win/win for buyer/seller; (2) he knows PRECISELY what the local town Planning Commissions will and will not permit. I did a $1M renovation in downtown Los Gatos of a $2.5M house he helped me buy and my prominent architect and contractor were right on most but not all predictions: Don properly predicted each of about 20 different discretionary permit changes we sought from The Town from trees to Historical Committee issues to plumbing and stem walls, etc); (3) great communicator/responsive/all hours day & night, and (4) Don can tell you off the top of his head +/-10% what a potential change to your building/property is going to cost....useful as you are trying to model possibilities for a new property under time pressure.

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