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Your satisfaction is

our success!

We are passionate about our job, love our neighborhood and keep up with the latest trends and strategies so that we can pass them on to our clients.
As owner of Jay Andre Construction since 1998, I have worked with many Realtors, buying and selling homes. Having worked with other agents over the years, I know the contrast with this team that I consider to be the best. Selling both my brand new construction projects as well as purchasing new remodel opportunities, has been a rewarding experience with this team. I know they will negotiate the best price and terms when I sell and when I buy. They are always looking for out for my best interest in new properties that can afford my business to grow and succeed. As a business owners, I'm proud to say these agents share my same value for integrity, trust and customer service. It is why I refer them and recommend them to everyone I know! 
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Thank you so much for all of the hard work that the two of you have done on our behalf. Michelle’s tireless work coordinating the remodeling, staging and countless documents was awesome. All of this work was done while we traveling between Idaho Falls and Truckee. We had an offer on the house just two or three weeks after the first open house and then everything went so smoothly we were amazed. And when the buyer’s financing had a hiccup Michael’s extra efforts smoothed everything out.

Did I mention that the remodeling and staging left the house in such an immaculate shape that the family who grow up there hardly recognized it.

Whenever we have the opportunity we will recommend Michael and Michelle and their team to anyone who need a seller’s or buyer’s agent.

Chuck and Susi

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for being my knight in shining armor and coming to my rescue in the sale of my home. We met on a Monday afternoon after an unsuccessful four month listing with another agent. This was an extremely anxious time for me, and you were so very understanding and reassuring. Aware of my sense of urgency, you affirmed for me your belief, that you could sell my home and close escrow within 60 days.

After we met on Monday afternoon, you and your team went to work immediately. Literally my home was a whirlwind of activity. Wednesday a broker luncheon; Thursday staging and photography; Friday carpet cleaning; and Saturday and Sunday open house. Your orchestration of this process was meticulous and effortless. Every member of your team was incredibly enthusiastic, and professional.

As promised you sold my home and we closed escrow in less than 60 days. Actually, you did it 27 days early!

I am so appreciative of your sincere and unwavering commitment, incredible patience, and wonderful sense of humor during that especially challenging time in my life. Thank you for making the sale of my home a special time, which I will always remember with great fondness.

I am wishing you and your team every success in 2011.



We have known Don Perry for several years and he has always been our "go-to" realtor for all real estate transactions. He has represented us on both the buying and selling side for a handful of transactions. He has also been present and available during refinances to help us get the most value out of our properties. Don is quick to respond and answer any real estate questions. He is always on top of current market trends and a wealth of knowledge. We highly recommend anyone who is looking for a realtor to work with Don, you will be pleased!

Charlene and John

Dear Michelle,

We wanted to send you a special thank you for your handling of our initial introduction. We met you during the open house you hosted on University Ave., in the Rose Garden area of San Jose. After having met many, many realtors while touring various open houses, we decided you were the professional we wanted to work with. Our decision was due to the interest you showed and the questions you asked regarding what we were looking for. Something about that interaction led me to taking the next step to a more formal relationship.

Due to the personal issues in both our families, we never worked together on this house search, but your spirit was always there. You introduced us to your brother, Michael, and by doing so you facilitated the ultimate purchase of our home! Without that introduction, who knows what would have happened.

I know you would have liked to have been more involved in this transaction, but please know how much we appreciated your handling of a very difficult situation. You’re a truly special person and we look forward to your continued friendship!


Barbara and Doug

As owner of Jay Andre Construction since 1998, I have worked with many Realtors, buying and selling homes. Having worked with other agents over the years, I know the contrast with this team that I consider to be the best. Selling both my brand new construction projects as well as purchasing new remodel opportunities, has been a rewarding experience with this team. I know they will negotiate the best price and terms when I sell and when I buy. They are always looking for out for my best interest in new properties that can afford my business to grow and succeed. As a business owners, I'm proud to say these agents share my same value for integrity, trust and customer service. It is why I refer them and recommend them to everyone I know! 


We used Don Perry for the sale of our former home and the purchase of our new one. Don's invaluable experience garnered us the best sales price on our old home; while his negotiation skills helped us get the best price on our new home. We don't want to move again, but if we do we will without a doubt use Don again. He is professional and responsive and knows the market. He goes out of his way to assist in every step of the buying and selling process. He also has relationships with other highly professional people for appraisals, mortgages, building and pest inspections. It was a pleasure to work with Don. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an agent with high integrity and the utmost professionalism.


Cindy and Ian

To Whom It May Concern,

Michael LoMonaco and his Team were the perfect agents to sell my childhood home at 2881 Westberry,
San Jose, California.
In the Summer of 2017, I moved back to the Westberry property to take care of my Dad, who then
passed away in September 2017. I found myself in a house full of 45 years of belongings and in need of
major repair with no local contacts to help me. The real estate agent I initially hired did not make me
feel as though my best interests were being taken into consideration. After months of hard work, time
and money spent emptying out the home and preparing the house for renovations, I was told that the
house had to be sold “as is” without bothering to repaint, replace flooring, or make repairs because it
would not be recouped at the time of sale.
In May 2018, Michael was referred to me by a family friend. He and Kristy came to the house and
immediately made me feel like I had realtors that I could trust. They saw the potential that I knew
existed in the home. They confirmed that certain improvements would add value to the sales price
while giving advice about renovations that did not make sense when it came to what buyers were willing
to pay for in the area.
Selling my family home was a big task, particularly because I lived in the home during the
transformation. The LoMonaco Team literally offered physical help with moving, packing, etc.
throughout the process. Understanding that it was an emotional process, Michael worked with my
timeline in terms of moving out of the home that I grew up in while keeping me in check with the best
time to place the home on the market.
Most importantly, when it was time to complete the transformation, Michael and his Team found and
put into place the final steps to have the home painted, refloored, and landscaped to just the right
degree. They were in constant communication to make sure that progress was being made according to
plans. Their taste was impeccable and clearly suited to the market, as I was given multiple offers and
accepted an offer well above the listing price. The pictures in the Westberry Brochure show how
beautiful the property ended up as a result of the design and improvements.
I would hire Michael and Team again in a heartbeat!

Georgette Trollman

Dear Michael,

Doug and I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had while buying our new home. From the moment we met, through the house search, to the final closing, you wildly exceeded our expectations and made the process both fun and rewarding!

We started our journey with you during a meeting at your office that allowed all of us to get acquainted, and to determine that we could work together effectively. While we had bought houses in the past, this was our first purchase in California so this meeting also served to educate us in how things are done here. But, perhaps most importantly, you listened to us to understand what we were looking for and our constraints. You respected this input and integrated it into all aspects of the buying experience.

During the search, you and Diane Gangi previewed properties and showed us only houses that met our criteria. We also valued the detailed information you provided to us. The booklets you prepared with overviews and comparisons allowed us to remember and consider the various properties long after we toured the houses.

Once we found the home we wanted, we really saw the strength of having you on our side. Wow, what a negotiator! It was fun to watch. Michael, you are truly a consummate negotiator. You know your market and you know your fellow agents in this market. It’s a winning combination. For us that meant we got a better house than we ever expected, AND we got it for less than we expected to have to pay. You followed through meticulously with all of the details involved in the inspection and closing process, and stayed with us until the keys were in hand and the last walk through was completed. What more could we possibly ask for?

So, thank you Michael for transforming our lives. We found a new home and, perhaps even more importantly, we also found new friends. Welcome to our family!


Doug and Barbara

To the Lomonaco Team

I remember as part of our introductory meeting at the beginning of this house buying process, flipping through some letter much like this one. How little did I realize how much went into earning each and every one of them!

Your team did a tremendous job walking us through our first time buying a house. Your calm and patience put us at ease when we got anxious, your experience helped us ask the right questions and your dedication lined up the right people to get us the information we needed to make the right decisions at each step along the way. You worked tirelessly for us and always seemed to call/email/text right when we started thinking about getting in touch with you (even into the night!). You seemed to anticipate a lot of the curveballs along the way and you handled them professionally.

But what I appreciated more than all of this…was knowing that you had our best interests first and foremost. We never felt pressured to close a deal, you lined up second opinions when we didn’t know better and at any time it was clear we could walk away and start over. You gained our trust in a short amount of time and helped us negotiate the largest purchase we’ve ever made. We will highly recommend your team to…well, just about anyone who will listen!


The Grignon Family

Don has been an excellent agent. He has followed up on every request for information within the hour. He has been able to explain every step in the process in layman's terms quickly to ensure we knew exactly what we needed to do to take the next step. I have referred friends to him and all have been amazed at what a breeze buying or selling a house was with his guidance. If family were in the area, we would not hesitate to put them in direct contact with Don for all of their real estate needs. When we sell our current house, we plan to call Don!

Susan and Rick

One of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my family was to secure Michael Lomonaco as our real estate agent. I had a very unique situation wherein I was the trustee of my mother’s estate. The beneficiaries of her trust were myself and six siblings who were in different parts of the country and different stages of their lives. During our very first phone conversation Michael displayed his marvelous knowledge of the neighborhood where our family home was located and a very sensitive and spiritual approach to property marketing that is his trademark. Additionally I was extremely impressed by the Coldwell Banker Marketing tools.

The process of satisfying seven beneficiaries and potential buyers was a challenge. Our grief over the loss of our mother left us with little energy for the finer points of negotiating the best price for our home. Michael took complete leadership in all our dealings not only with potential buyers and their agents but he organized all of the repairs and cosmetic adjustments to the property. He very gently guided us through the whole experience and shielded us from unnecessary stress.

In this challenging market we had a lot of fear about pricing and what our profit would be. Michael skillfully brought our buyers up $20,000 from their “final offer”.

Buying and selling a home is one of life’s most stressful events. I will never use another agent for my estate transactions. The trust and confidence that Michael Lomonaco and Coldwell Banker have inspired in me makes looking elsewhere for that same support indefensible. It’s equivalent to My mother’s saying, “Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?”!!!



Don Perry is the realtor you've always wanted.... He is personable, full of integrity, responsible to a fault and always looking out for the welfare and needs of his clients. When we were looking for our home, he went way out of normal service and filled our long list of special needs with his willingness to do whatever was necessary to provide us with what we needed. We recommend him without reservation. Don is always ready to answer questions about any matters of buying or selling houses and when he doesn't have the answers, he gives us immediate resources to find them. If you want a reliable, honest and conscientious realtor, Don is the best.

June and Peter

We first had the pleasure of working with Michael LoMonaco and the LoMonaco Real Estate Group seven years ago when we purchased our first home. On our first meeting Michael told us he would treat us like family and we soon discovered he was true to his word, honest and a man of integrity. Michael treated us better than family, we felt like we were looking for houses with our best friend. This was the largest transaction and decision of our lifetime and he made it fun, we laughed a lot, we learned a lot and when we fell in love with our dream home that was out of our price range, Michael's negotiating skills came to light and soon we moved into our dream home. He took the time to explain the details along the way, the process, what to expect at every turn, answered all of our questions and offered solutions to potential problems which turned the stress involved with buying a home into a positive adventure where we worked together for a common goal.

This year we decided to sell our home and there was never a doubt that Michael would be our agent of choice. We were a little concerned about timing in this market but we had 100% confidence in Michael. We soon realized we had no clue about what was involved in selling a home so we were fortunate to have Michael and the LoMonaco Real Estate Group by our side. They guided us through the process, advised us on our role in turning our home and their detailed plan to sell it in record time. We immediately realized the strength of the LoMonaco Real Estate Group and are continually impressed with their abilities and work ethic. Their innovative marketing program created a buzz in the neighborhood that no one had ever experienced. The open houses drew record crowds every weekend and as homeowners, though we were thankful for the constant stream of potential buyers, we have to admit we had a difficult time keeping up with the mid week traffic. Michael LoMonaco and Michelle O’Neal were on top of every detail, kept us informed every step of the way, always going the extra mile so we didn’t have to worry. Needless to say our home sold in record time while other homes in the neighborhood sat with their ‘for sale’ signs still on their front lawns.

The LoMonaco Real Estate Group is devoted to serving their clients in a most exceptional way. It is for this reason we give our personal and professional endorsement to the LoMonaco Real Estate Group. If you want to buy or sell a home, clearly there is only one choice.


Pam and Tim

I have been extremely pleased with the sales process. I cannot thank you enough!! Who knew it could be so painless!! Potential clients are welcome to call me for a recommendation: 408-209-0619.

Below are some of the specific areas where you and Michelle provided tremendous value: Pre-listing: + Helped maximize our house value by making recommendations for low-cost/high-value upgrades. More importantly, steered us away from wasting money on low-value upgrades. + Recommended great vendors and contractors to perform work on the house including baseboard and carpet installation and staging. + Provided guidance for a competitive listing price to maximize our exposure and draw multiple offers Listing Period: - Generated beautiful marketing material for the house include an online virtual tour and high grade brochures - Exceeded expectations for open house traffic. (Double-digit numbers for most showing.) - Able to get multiple offers within the first week of listing - Provided counteroffer guidance which Increased the sale price by 7% over the initial offer and the list price Everything Else: - Never pressured us to make a specific decision. We were always in complete control of the listing price and counter offers. - Great to work with the “Michael and Michelle” team. Both of them were always up to date on the listing and were very “contactable”.

Again, thanks!



We first met Don when we moved to Los Gatos in 2008 and he sold us our townhouse. He and his family live in town and so he was incredibly helpful in explaining the schools, local amenities, etc. When we decided to buy a single family home, we listed our townhouse with Don, and within a month he had a buyer for us. He worked really hard and is extremely responsive to phone calls, texts, emails, etc. at all hours! That is really important because everything seems "urgent" when you are dealing with the stress of a real estate transaction. We have become friends with Don over the years and highly recommend him.

Derek and Adrienne

Don differentiates himself in the marketplace in 4 primary ways primarily because of his experience as the former Mayor of Monte Sereno and as a former builder/developer: (1) Don is very smart about taxes and the numbers around buy/sell agreements which make for win/win for buyer/seller; (2) he knows PRECISELY what the local town Planning Commissions will and will not permit. I did a $1M renovation in downtown Los Gatos of a $2.5M house he helped me buy and my prominent architect and contractor were right on most but not all predictions: Don properly predicted each of about 20 different discretionary permit changes we sought from The Town from trees to Historical Committee issues to plumbing and stem walls, etc); (3) great communicator/responsive/all hours day & night, and (4) Don can tell you off the top of his head +/-10% what a potential change to your building/property is going to cost....useful as you are trying to model possibilities for a new property under time pressure.


John Fox

A star shining performance, with all the flare, style and professionalism needed to bring this house to a close. Michael had a 24/7 hands on & all the enthusiasm needed to make this transaction easy & fast. A true blessing to me.

Michael you are the best!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Michael and Michelle.



Michael is my Agent of Angels. It wasn’t just a business transaction. It was my personal and heartwarming experience that I will share with my friends, family and associates.

Thank You Michael and Michelle and Thank You Coldwell Banker!



Dear Michael,

You have listed three properties for me over the last year. I am incredibly impressed how you have handled the marketing and sale of those properties. Considering the fact that everyone says that this is such a tough market, you clearly have been able to do what many others in the real estate business have not be able to do – sell homes.

Your commitment to your clients and the knowledge you bring to a real estate transaction is so appreciated. Your guidance, professionalism, and your very human touch are remarkable qualities that help make the process seem a little easier.

I cannot thank you enough for you excellent help and hard work. I believe you are simply “The Best”.



We have known Don Perry for several years. He helped us with the process of buying a new home (we were first-time home buyers) in a very competitive neighborhood. Don was fantastic to work with (and still is a great person with whom to chat the real estate market). He helped us navigate the complex process for the first time, fairly evaluate properties, guide us towards opportunities that suited our financial and personal needs, negotiated on our behalf, and more. He did it all with amazing expertise, professionalism, and honesty. We will most definitely plan on working with Don for our next real estate transaction.

Sebastian and Aria

Dear Michael,

It has been a wonderful experience working with you on purchasing our first home. You understood so well what we were looking for and right on getting us what we needed.

Sincerely we could not have got the house if not working with you. Your diligent and extra ordinary skill to negotiate and make it win to win for all the parties is really exemplary. It has been great experience even though we have known only for short time. You made us feel so comfortable and trustworthy. I strongly recommend to anyone to work with you.



Hello Michael,

What can I say??...You are PERFECT!!!

From the first time I stepped into my new home I just knew Michael was going to be a wonderful agent. His confidence and professionalism won me over. I immediately felt that Michael was the ONE to help me make one of the most important decisions of my life. He was able to negotiate my purchase price which surpassed all my expectations and get credit for some needed repairs…without even asking. Michael has proved to be a Superstar agent!! I look forward to buying my next home with Michael and Coldwell Banker.

Much love to you



I love the home that my late husband and I lived in and raised our family in for over thirty years. When it came time to sell this home, I took the advice of one of the top real estate professionals in San Francisco, and put myself in the hands of a pair of extraordinary agents from Los Gatos, Michael Lomonaco and his sister Michelle Lomonaco. From the first meeting, I trusted them to advise me on how to prepare my home to sell in a very difficult market. They supported me in every way: dealing with the contractors, marketing, having Open Houses, bringing in four offers and negotiating until 2AM to ensure the highest offer for my home. The Lomonaco team worked every angle to ensure the buyer and the agent would perform to close this escrow successfully. Even after it was sold, they continued to market my home. The Lomonaco team listened to me, and treated me with love and respect. They helped me achieve my dream of selling my beloved home in order to retire and start a new life in Sonoma County. Michelle and Michael Lomonaco work to be extraordinary, and they achieve extraordinary results!



“Michael & Michelle are A+++ realtors! I give both of them my highest recommendation. With the unexpected death of my husband I made the decision to sell my home at a much earlier time than I ever anticipated. I can’t say enough about their professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping me during this difficult time. This team has a tremendous "grasp" of the market and possesses that intuitive feeling as to what a house is really worth and how well it will sell. They were accommodating every step of the way with scheduling open houses, seller updates and even routine meetings and phone calls. Michael & Michelle possess all the traits required to be top-notch realtors: they know the market extremely well; they are diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with their clients. Their mix of professionalism and ability to relate to a seller put them in a category of their own. They were incredibly gracious to me throughout the process and I am beyond grateful for their kindness, understanding, patience and expertise. No question I asked went unanswered and all my concerns were met with timely responses and solutions. My house ended up selling quickly, with multiple offers, capping off a very positive selling experience with the LoMonaco Team. I wanted to commend you for your excellent service during the sale of my home. You went over and above what I was expecting and made this deal happen.” Many Thanks, Mary 9/21/11


Mary Seller

My husband and I met Don Perry several years ago when we were looking for our first house together. He represented us both for buying our new home and selling of the pre-marriage homes. We liked Don because he is not sales-y (if that is a word) and he really helped us get what we wanted. He worked very hard to get a stubborn seller to negotiate a reasonable deal so we were able to get our dream house. He is always on top of things and making sure nothing is stalled. He is very knowledgeable and got a good price for the properties we sold in a tough seller's market. We highly recommend anyone who is looking for a fun-loving but focused and effective realtor to work with, call Don Perry.

Marsha and Gary

Don Perry was amazing to work with. As first time home buyers he educated us on the process and made us feel confident every step of the way. He was always easy to reach and very responsive. He has a keen understanding of the market and was able to negotiate to get us an ideal purchasing price. He made our experience of buying a home feel easy and gave us the confidence to know we were making one of the best decisions of our lives. Don is the best realtor in the area and I will alway use him for any future real estate transactions.

Amanda and Chris

I've known Don for over twenty years. He's represented me twice; once when I sold my house in Monte Sereno and later when I bought my current house in Los Gatos. In addition to being a great person Don is a great Realtor. He pays attention to the details, keeps his clients best interests in mind and is extremely thoughtful ad reliable. A classic example of Don going "above and beyond" was when I sold my house in Monte Sereno. The inspection showed I had issues with rust on the foundation brackets. After I spent a couple of days finding a trying to find a contractor to help remedy this situation, Don set me up with a contractor he knew that both corrected the issue but did so extremely cost effectively. This is just one example that I can think of where Don has gone above and beyond. The bottom line is I recommend Don with no reservations and will engage him again the next time I am in need of a great realtor.

Kelly and Michelle

The decision to buy a house is one of the biggest decisions one will ever make in their lifetime, especially when its for your first home. Figuring out your budget, finding out what your needs are versus your wants, and what is a realistic “dream home” is all just the initial process that can be time consuming in itself.

When my husband Michael and I finally made the serious decision to search for our dream home, we knew we needed someone who would look out for our best interest but that would make, what seemed like a scary and unknown process for us, not so scary. I’ve met Michael Lomonaco years ago since I have worked in Los Gatos managing a salon for almost 10 years, but it wasn’t until he hosted a party at his house, that we got to know him and we immediately connected. Not only did my husband and him have the same name, but we just took to each other like long distance friends just reconnecting.

We met Michael and Michelle at the Coldwell office in LG one evening to talk about our wanting to find a new home for our growing family. They asked us questions about what our dream home would look like, what we wanted in our home, what was important to us. They reassured us that they would take good care of us, but that we needed to learn that through all the process, that we would find our dream home. We will see many, they said, and we have to be able to walk away from them. They told us to never just “settle”….then they gave us a big hug and said “Get ready for a fun ride!”

The next several months was spent primarily with Michelle O’Neal. Because of mine and my husband’s busy work schedule, the times spent to see homes were either when I was off or when my husband took the kids when I was working. Michelle kept very close contact with me, and whenever I found anything, she made me feel like a priority and we usually went to see it the same day or what worked for my schedule. I spent many car rides with Michelle, and many times she would drive up to a home we were viewing, to see me with our 2 children running around the front yard anxiously waiting for her. It got to a point where when we didn’t have anything to see, we were so used to seeing her so often, our children would ask to see her because they missed her. Michelle was such a nurturing support during the house viewing process. She would let me take my time, answer questions, even ask me questions to get me thinking, and would just be right there by my side. I became so close to her. I felt incredibly comfortable with her, and I knew that it was no accident that our lives were connected in this most life changing decision of ours. I completely trusted her, as if she was my family.

2299 Lemoyne came on the market and my husband and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to come see it. Michelle made it possible for us to view it right before their open house, which is very rare. The area was right in the location we dreamed of having our home, and as we drove up, we were just excited to see our daughter’s best friend living right across the street of this home. We liked the size of the house and the price for its location, so my husband took the family to the Open House that weekend. He loved it after seeing it for a second time, but I just wasn’t quite sure. Michelle and Michael told us to take time and really think about it. They told us that they knew the realtor that was selling the home and said that this would definitely work in our favor. After 2 weekends of open houses, there were no offers yet on the house. My husband and Michelle both encouraged me to see the house again to see how I would feel.

Around 1pm, I drove over to the house on Lemoyne. My phone buzzed and it was Michelle. She texted me, and told me “I am already here. When you get here, park in the driveway as if you were coming home. See how it makes you feel.” I did as she told me, and I had my mother and only our son with me at that time. I waited awhile before I got out of the car, glancing up above the driveway at the basketball hoop and the beautiful tree that gracefully shaded the front lawn. Michelle met us inside and hugging me, told me to take as much time as you need. She then took our son, Owen, lovingly by his hand, to have him “show her the house”. An hour passed by, my mom and I went around measuring cabinets, carefully inspecting the closets, the bathrooms. We knew it was getting late, and followed the noise of a happy little 3 year old coming from the backyard. I quietly peered out the window, to see Michelle sitting on a bench under an arbor next to a few citrus trees. She sat so peaceful on the bench, smiling at Owen who was playing. Michelle doesn’t know this, but I stood and watched her for a few minutes. The sun was just at its peak around 2pm in the afternoon, and the shade of the trees surrounding the backyard created an oasis, and enveloped Michelle and Owen in a beautiful soft glow. Tears came to my eyes, and at that moment, I knew in my heart that this was our home. This was where our children would play and grow up.

After that everything happened so quickly. Michael Lomonaco took the reigns once again and made the closing process go so fast and smooth. August 7th, we anxiously waited, both at work, for 5pm, when we would get the keys to our new home. About 1:30pm, I got a knock at my office door. Michael and Michelle stood holding a beautiful white orchid. I was just so happy to see them, I didn’t notice the beautiful red ribbon tied to the orchid and hanging from it, my key. Tears flowed endlessly, as I couldn’t let go of both of them. That was my key to our new home.

August 11th, was our daughter’s 8th birthday, and we celebrated in our new home. It only seemed fitting that both Michael and Michelle were there. They have not only been the most trusting people that we could have ever imagined having as realtors, but they went above and beyond to make this entire process not only seemless but that much more special for us. They are not only a team that will go to whatever extremes to make your dream come true, but now we can’t imagine our future without them.

Thank you to the Lomonaco Team for your experience and unconditional support in making our dream a reality. Everyday we walk into our home, we are reminded of both of you and our love for both of you.

With our deepest gratitude,

Stacy and Michael Z.

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